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A Glimpse Into The Life of Our Beloved ﷺ

Masjid Muhajireen

Sep 10, 2021

A Glimpse Into The Life of The Prophet ﷺ:
This 10 week series will focus on going over key moments and highlights of our Prophet's blessed life.

Thursday, September 9th, we are beginning a 10 week series covering highlights and important aspects of our Beloved Prophet’s ﷺ blessed life at Masjid Muhajireen Insha Allah. For anyone who wishes to understand what Islam is about and who we should strive to be as individuals, there is no one better to learn from and to emulate other than our Beloved Muhammad ﷺ. This series will leave you with a better understanding of who this honorable man was and the values and principals he lived his life upon.

Mufti Rohullah of As-Siddeeq Institute will be conducting this program. This is the first official series beginning at our Masjid and as an act of honoring our Beloved ﷺ we chose his life to be the first topic we cover. Please spread the news and we hope to see you all there!

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