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Thursday Night Series

Masjid Muhajireen

Dec 7, 2021

We are starting our Thursday Night Series back this week! Please click below for details on our new topics: Rights of The Beloved ﷺ and A Portrait of Our Prophet ﷺ

Assalamu Alaykum,

We are honored to share our new program with you all. Back in September, we dedicated our Masjid's first program towards the life of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ. We received a ton of positive feedback from everyone on how much they enjoyed and benefitted from the series. It was great to see our brothers and sisters coming together in the house of Allah.

Due to this and in counsel with Mufti Rohullah, we decided to dedicate the rest of the upcoming months until Ramadan towards the life of our Prophet ﷺ. We will start the first part of our series by discussing the rights our Prophet ﷺ has over his Ummah and thereafter in January we will begin a very enjoyable and pleasant topic to many: A Portrait of Our Prophet ﷺ.

Join us this Thursday 6:45PM for the first class, Insha Allah!

Please spread the word with your family and friends.

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